Cheetah Experimental Platform Web 1.0: Cleaning Pupillary Data

S. Zugal, J. Pinggera, M. Neurauter, T. Maran and B. Weber

Technical Report arXiv:1703.09468. arXiv, 2017.

Abstract. Recently, researchers started using cognitive load in various settings, e.g., educational psychology, cognitive load theory, or human-computer interaction. Cognitive load characterizes a tasks' demand on the limited information processing capacity of the brain. The widespread adoption of eye{tracking devices led to increased attention for objectively measuring cognitive load via pupil dilation. However, this approach requires a standardized data processing routine to reliably measure cognitive load. This technical report presents CEP{Web, an open source platform providing state of the art data processing routines for cleaning pupillary data combined with a graphical user interface, enabling the management of studies and subjects. Future developments will include the support for analyzing the cleaned data as well as support for Task-Evoked Pupillary Response (TEPR) studies.


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