Test Driven Modeling meets Declarative Process Modeling A Case Study

C. Haisjackl

Master's thesis, University of Innsbruck, Institute of Computer Science, 2012.

Abstract. Constantly changing market requirements and the need for high quality software necessitate software development processes that are flexible and customer-oriented. Recently, agile planning approaches show great promise to meet these conditions. One of these agile methods is Extreme Programming (XP) with Test Driven Development (TDD) as one of its core practices. As the benefits of TDD are manifold it seems to be promising to use a test-driven approach also for other development methods like declarative business process modeling. Recently, Test Driven Modeling (TDM) including tool support in the form of Test Driven Modeling Suite (TDMS) has been introduced, which shows great promise to improve the process of modeling. The aim of this master thesis is to evaluate if the usage of TDM indeed improves declarative process modeling with respect to the communication between domain expert and model builder. Another objective is to investigate if the domain experts themselves think whether they would be able to operate the TDMS. The chosen type of research for this thesis is a case study. In particular, modeling sessions with and without the adoption of TDM were performed with TDMS. Afterwards, the conversations were transcribed, coded and analyzed. The obtained results show that testcases are actually used for communication as well as favored over the process model. Also, empirical evidence could be found that TDM fosters communication. Furthermore, the majority of the case study's participants is sure that they themselves would be able to learn how to operate TDMS.


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