OptBPPlanner: Automatic Generation of Optimized Business Process Enactment Plans

A. Jiménez Ramírez, I. Barba, C. Del Valle and B. Weber

In: Proc. ISD '12 (accepted), 2012.

Abstract. Unlike imperative models, the specification of business process (BP) properties in a declarative way allows the user to specify what has to be done instead of having to specify how it has to be done, thereby facilitating the human work involved, avoiding failures and obtaining a better optimization. Frequently there are several enactment plans related to a specific declarative model, each one presenting specific values for different objective functions, e.g., overall completion time. As a major contribution of this work, we propose a method for the automatic generation of optimized BP enactment plans from declarative specifications. The proposed method is based on a constraint-based approach for planning and scheduling the BP activities. These optimized plans can then be used for different purposes like simulation, time prediction, recommendations, and generation of optimized BP models. Moreover, a tool supported method, called OptBPPlanner, has been implemented to demonstrate the feasibility of our approach. Furthermore, the proposed method is validated through a range of test models of varying complexity.


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