Investigating the Process of Process Modeling with Eye Movement Analysis

J. Pinggera, M. Furtner, M. Martini, P. Sachse, K. Reiter, S. Zugal and B. Weber

In: Proc. ER-BPM '12, pp. 438–450, 2013.

Abstract. Research on quality issues of business process models has recently begun to explore the process of creating process models by analyzing the modeler's interactions with the modeling environment. In this paper we aim to complement previous insights on the modeler's modeling behavior with data gathered by tracking the modeler's eye movements when engaged in the act of modeling. We present preliminary results and outline directions for future research to triangulate toward a more comprehensive understanding of the process of process modeling. We believe that combining different views on the process of process modeling constitutes another building block in understanding this process that will ultimately enable us to support modelers in creating better process models.


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