LiProMo-Literate Process Modeling

J. Pinggera, T. Porcham, S. Zugal and B. Weber

In: Proc. CAiSE Forum '12, pp. 163–170, 2012.

Abstract. Recently, research on quality issues of business process models has begun to investigate the process of process modeling, i.e., the process of creating process models. In particular, it has been recognized that during this process, well-functioning communication between domain experts and system analysts is essential for understandable process models. This paper proposes the LiProMo approach to foster communication among system analysts and domain experts by flexibly interlinking textual descriptions and formal process models. The feasibility of LiProMo is shown by a prototypical implementation as well as a visionary scenario that illustrates the usage and benefits of LiProMo. The adoption of Cheetah Experimental Platform as basis for the prototype will support empirical evaluation of LiProMo, as planned for future work.


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