Tracing the Process of Process Modeling with Modeling Phase Diagrams

J. Pinggera, S. Zugal, M. Weidlich, D. Fahland, B. Weber, J. Mendling and H. Reijers

In: Proc. ER-BPM '11, pp. 370–382, 2012.

Abstract. The quality of a business process model is presumably highly dependent upon the modeling process that was followed to create it. Still, there is a lack of concepts to investigate this connection empirically. This paper introduces the formal concept of a phase diagram through which the modeling process can be analyzed, and a corresponding implementation to study a modeler's sequence of actions. In an experiment building on these assets, we observed a group of modelers engaging in the act of modeling. The collected data is used to demonstrate our approach for analyzing the process of process modeling. Additionally, we are presenting first insights and sketch requirements for future experiments.


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