Creating Declarative Process Models Using Test Driven Modeling Suite

S. Zugal, J. Pinggera and B. Weber

In: Proc. CAiSE Forum '11, pp. 16–32, 2011.

Abstract. Declarative approaches to process modeling promise a high degree of flexibility. However, current declarative state-of-the-art modeling notations are, while sound on a technical level, hard to understand. To cater for this problem, in particular to improve the understandability of declarative process models as well as the communication between domain experts and model builders, Test Driven Modeling (TDM) has been proposed. In this tool paper we introduce Test Driven Modeling Suite (TDMS) which provides operational support for TDM. We show how TDMS realizes the concepts of TDM and how Cheetah Experimental Platform is used to make TDMS amenable for effective empirical research. Finally, we provide a brief example to illustrate how the adoption of TDMS brings out the intended positive effects of TDM for the creation of declarative process models.


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