Identifying and Evaluating Change Patterns and Change Support Features in Process-Aware Information Systems.

B. Weber, S. Rinderle and M. Reichert

Technical Report TR-CTIT-07-22. Centre for Telematics and Information Technology, University of Twente, 2007.

Abstract. In order to provide effective support, the introduction ofprocess-aware information systems (PAIS) must not freeze existing business processes. Instead PAIS should allow authorized users to flexibly deviate from the predefined processes if required and to evolve business processes in a controlled manner over time. Many software vendors promise flexible system solutions for realizing such adaptive PAIS, but are often unable to cope with fundamental issues elated to process change (e.g., correctness and robustness). The existence of different process support paradigms and the lack of methods for comparing existing change approaches makes it difficult for PAIS engineers to choose the adequate technology. In this paper we suggest a set of changes patterns and change support features to foster systematic comparison of existing process management technology with respect to change support. Based on these change patterns and features, we provide a detailed analysis and evaluation of selected systems from both academia and industry.


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