A Web-based Collaborative Metamodeling Environment with Secure Remote Model Access

M. Farwick, B. Agreiter, J. White, S. Forster, N. Lanzanasto and R. Breu

In: 10th International Conference on Web Engineering, pp. 279–291, 2010.

Abstract. This contribution presents GEMSjax – a web-based meta-modeling tool for the collaborative development of domain specific languages. By making use of modern Web 2.0 technologies like Ajax and REST services, the tool allows for simultaneous web browser-based creation/editing of metamodels and model instances, as well as secure remote model access via REST, which enables remote model modification over a simple HTTP-based interface. This paper describes the complex technical challenges we faced and solutions we produced to provide browser-based synchronous model editing. It further explains on the XACML-based access control mechanisms to provide secure remote access to models and model elements. Additionally, we highlight the usefulness of our approach by describing its application in a realistic usage scenario.


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