Integrating Case-Based Reasoning with Adaptive Process Management

J. Pinggera, S. Zugal, B. Weber, W. Wild and M. Reichert

Technical Report TR-CTIT-08-11. Centre for Telematics and Information Technology, University of Twente, 2008.

Abstract. The need for more flexiblity of process-aware information systems (PAIS) has been discussed for several years and different approaches for adaptive process management have emerged. Only few of them provide support for both changes of individual process instances and the propagation of process type changes to a collection of related process instances. The knowledge about changes has not yet been exploited by any of these systems. To overcome this practical limitation, PAIS must capture the whole process life cycle and all kinds of changes in an integrated way. They must allow users to deviate from the predefined process in exceptional situations, and assist them in retrieving and reusing knowledge about previously performed changes. In this report we present a proof-of concept implementation of a learning adaptive PAIS. The prototype combines the ADEPT2 framework for dynamic process changes with concepts and methods provided by case-based reasoning(CBR) technology.


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