Time Patterns for Process-aware Information Systems: A Pattern-based Analysis

B. Weber, A. Lanz and M. Reichert

Technical Report UIB-2009-05. University of Ulm, 2009.

Abstract. Formal specification and operational support of time constraints constitute fundamental challenges for any enterprise information system. Although temporal constraints play an important role in the context of long-running business processes, time support is very limited in existing process management systems. By contrast, different kinds of planning tools (e.g., calendar systems and project management tools) provide more sophisticated facilities for handling task-related time constraints, but lack an operational support for business processes. This paper presents a set of 10 time patterns to foster the systematic comparison of these different technologies in respect to time management. The proposed patterns are all based on empirical evidence from several large case studies. In addition, we provide an in-depth evaluation of selected process management systems, calendar systems and project management tools based on the suggested patterns. The presented work will not only facilitate comparison of these different technologies in respect to their support of time constraints, but also make evident that their integration offers promising perspectives in respect to time support for long-running business processes.


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