Eye Tracking: Accuracy of Gazepoint GP3

Below all data and experimental material from assessing the accuarcy of fixations from Gazepoint GP3 can be found. Please note that the experimental material was of dynamic nature (i.e., Java-based visualizations), hence for inspecting the experimental procedure the source code must be obtained (see below).


All data gathered in this experiment can be found here. Please note that you will need Cheetah Admin to load this data (see below). To make your life easier, we have also pre-processed data sheets:

  • Demographic data: link
  • For improving the readability of the paper, we have renumbered subject ids. A mapping between “internal id” and “paper id” can be found here.
  • Fixation data can be found here.
  • Visualization of fixations: link (the images are named according to the following schema: fixation_*internalId*_*numberOfTask*.jpg).

Source Code

The source code of the software used in this study can be obtained here. Please note that due to personnel limitations, the source code is not necessarily well documented. However, if you have any questions, feel free to contact Stefan.

Note: the application was built as Eclipse RCP application and requires Eclipse 3.6 as target platform.