Mission Statement

Our team is conducting empirical investigations to obtain in-depth understanding of how business processes can be effectively supported. Building upon these findings we are working on innovative methods and tools for supporting business processes throughout the whole lifecycle. Moreover, we are continuously trying to develop novel methods and tools for advancing the way how research on business processes can be conducted.

We are enthusiastic about what we are doing and want our workplace to be an enjoyable environment where we work as a team collaboratively and together with our international partners on achieving and sustaining excellence in business process research. We appreciate each other’s unique capabilities, foster open communication, and value feedback to help the team as well as each individual to continuously improve. Moreover, we believe in inter-disciplinary research as a way of expanding knowledge and creating insights.

We want to share our passion for computers and computer science beyond the research community, with our students and the general public. We therefore continuously discuss our new insights from research with our students, are actively involved in teaching kids and pupils to program, disseminate our research to the general public and actively collaborate with computer science teachers to help spreading our passion.