Quality Issues in BPMN Models

Even though considerable progress regarding the technical perspective on modeling and supporting business processes has been achieved, it appears that the human perspective is still often left aside. In particular, we do not have an in-depth understanding of how process models are inspected by humans, what strategies are taken, what challenges arise, and what cognitive processes are involved. This exploratory study is examining differences in strategies, challenges and classification regarding quality issues in BPMN models. Participating subjects had to identify und classify typical quality issues that occur while creating process models, comprising process modeling errors as well as process model smells.


The complete assignments can be found here. For this study, two BPMN process models were used. They can be downloaded here (mix your muesli process) and here (new product development process). Finally, our students received a final questionnaire assessing mental effort and providing us with feedback. This document can be downloaded here.


Additional material for master thesis


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