Graphical and Textual Declarative Process Models

This case study is examining differences in error rates, duration and mental effort regarding grpahical and textual declarative business process models. Participating subjects had to answer questions about particular aspects of the models. To analyse the answers, we use questionnaires.


The experiment makes use of repeated measurements. In order to counterbalance learning effects, two experimental groups were defined. Group 1 (code 9354) received the graphical representation first, group 2 (code 3487) started with the textual representation. To retrieve the experimental material, please download the pre-configured version of Cheetah here. By entering the codes mentioned above, Cheetah will either present you with the material for group 1 or group 2.

To support subjects during the study and to avoid that constraints were misunderstood, subjects received this handout before the experiment, and this sheet with constraints during the experiment.


  • C. Haisjackl and S. Zugal: Differences between Graphical and Textual Declarative Process Models. In: Proc. Cognise’14, pp. 194–206, 2014.