Modeling Session: Pre-Flight

The modeling sessions were conducted in November 2010 with students of a graduate course on Business Process Management at Eindhoven University of Technology and in January 2011 with students from Humboldt-Universitat zu Berlin following a similar course. The modeling session at each university started with a demographic survey, followed by a modeling tool tutorial explaining the basic features of Cheetah Experimental Platform. After that, the actual modeling task was presented in which the students had to model the “Pre-Flight” process, referring to a process describing the activities a pilot has to execute prior to taking off with an aircraft. After completing the first modeling task, students were asked to create the process model for the “NFL Draft” process.  The NFL Draft process describes the process followed by the scouting department of a National Football League (NFL) team to acquire new players through the so-called “NFL Draft”. This was done by 102 students in Eindhoven and 13 students in Berlin.


Task Description: [Download]

Modeling Tool: Cheetah Experimental Platform


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