Empirical Evaluation of Test Driven Modeling

The declarative approach to business process modeling promises to provide a high degree of flexibility. While the technical perspective, e.g., the specification and verification of declarative process models, already provides a variety of approaches, the human interaction with respective process models has been neglected so far. The negligence of this issue has in further consequence led to understandability and maintainability problems of declarative process models—to compensate for these shortcomings, Test Driven Modeling (TDM) has been proposed. While the concepts of TDM seem beneficial from a theoretical point of view, a thorough empirical investigation of TDM is still missing. This project picks up this need and proposes a comprehensive empirical investigation of TDM. In particular, in the course of a controlled experiment the impact of TDM on the maintenance of declarative process models shall be investigated. In addition, the impact of TDM on communication behavior when used in real-world settings will be studied. The expected outcomes of this project are twofold: First, the obtained data will enlarge the existing body of empirical data in the field of business process management and facilitate objective discussions about TDM in particular and discussions about declarative process models in general. Second, the adoption of Cheetah Experimental Platform as support for experimental defintion, -execution as well as data analysis will help to demonstrate, propagate and establish computer-based, efficient research methods in the field of business process management.

Funding. Tiroler Wissenschaftsfond

Field of Research. Test Driven Modeling

Contact. Stefan Zugal