Modeling Session: Think Aloud

The modeling session was designed to collect PPM instances of students creating formal process model using BPMN from an informal description. The participants were asked to model a process describing the handling of a mortgage request by a bank. The process models contained the basic control flow patterns: sequence, parallel split, synchronization, exclusive choice, and simple merge.

For this modeling session, the modelers were asked to verbalize their thoughts, i.e., to think aloud. The modelling sessions were video taped in order to collect the verbal utterance of the participants. The video camera was positioned to record the computer screen to enrich the verbal protocols with information on the interactions with the modelling environment.


Task Description: [Download]

Modeling Tool: Cheetah Experimental Platform


  • J. Pinggera: The Process of Process Modeling, PhD thesis, University of Innsbruck, Department of Computer Science, 2014.