Preparation Hints

When preparing your bachelor- or master thesis, please consider the following preparation hints:

  • The abstract shall summarize the most salient contribution of the thesis and encourage reading the entire document (150 words maximum).
  • No references are allowed in the abstract.
  • The introduction introduces the problem solved in the thesis and highlights its relevance. Starting from a rather broad point of view, lead the reader to the specific problem addressed.
  • At the end of the introduction, the structure of the thesis is described.
  • Provide references for claims made in the thesis. For instance, if you are claiming that a certain modeling language is hard to understand, please provide a respective reference.
  • Refrain from using colloquial expressions, adopt an objective style of writing. In this sense, please also refrain from using phrases like “some”, “a few”, “a lot of”. Rather, quantify the exact amount of “some”, “a few”, “a lot of”.
  • If you want to express your personal opinion, the summary might be the right place (if there is a right place at all). Please maintain objectivity throughout your thesis.
  • Figures, formulae and tables need to be explained in the text.
  • If figures, formulae or tables are taken from existing work, they must be cited.
  • The thesis must discuss related work and explain how the thesis extends the existing state-of-the art.
  • If the thesis is about developing artifacts like a conceptual model or an implementation, then the thesis should explain how the artifacts have been evaluated.
  • Design decisions should be explained and justified. It is not sufficient to describe what has been developed, it also needs to be described why it was developed this way.
  • For empirical research, the guidelines for conducting and reporting empirical research should be considered: (accessible within the University’s network only).