IFI Lunchtime Seminar

Manuel will be giving a talk during the next ifi Lunchtime Seminar tomorrow, Thursday, April 28th, 2016 at 12 pm in SR 1 & 2 (ICT-Building).

He will present current research on „Fixation Patterns During Process Model Creation: Initial Steps Toward Neuro-adaptive Process Modeling Environments?“.

Despite their wide adoption in practice, industrial business process models often display a wide range of quality issues. While significant efforts have been undertaken to better understand factors impacting process model comprehension, only few studies focused on the creation of process models. To better support users during task execution and to reduce cognitive overload, neuro-adaptive information systems provide promising perspectives. This paper presents a set of fixation patterns that have been derived from a modeling session with 120 participants during which the behavior of the modelers was recorded in terms of eye movements as well as model interactions. The identified patterns can be used for automatic real-time detection of the activities a user is performing, an essential building block for the development of a neuro-adaptive environment for process modeling that is able to best fit the task at hand and the user’s individual processing capacities.