The Impact of Automated Layout Support on the Process of Process Modeling

E. Marini

Master’s thesis, University of Innsbruck, Department of Computer Science, 2016.


The quality of business process models has become an increasingly important concern for companies and researchers alike. While in the past decade considerable research has been done regarding business process models, their creation – the process of process modelling – has just started to peak the interest of academia. The focus of research has always been on the quality of the process model, but only lately has the act of creating the process model and its possible impact on the quality of process been investigated.

Based on the research done regarding the process of process modelling and quality frameworks like SEQUAL, this thesis focuses on the effect tool support has on the process model. More specifically, the main research question revolves around the subject of how modellers handle the layout of their models when an automated layout is supplied and if specific behavioural patterns can be discerned. During this investigation different archetypes in modeller behaviour could be identified. Each type represents a characteristic behaviour pattern. This knowledge can be used to better support users during the process of process modelling. For example the system could automatically suggest the use of the automated layout feature at useful points in the layout process. Additionally, this thesis explores the relation between these archetypes and the final model quality.


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