Comparing Change Primitives versus Change Patterns Support using Think Aloud

A. Xydis

Master’s thesis, University of Innsbruck, Information Systems, 2015.


Business process modeling has become of significant importance, adding value to the companies, since they often model their processes for documentation or analysis purposes. Companies strive for standardizing their business processes focusing on process model quality. Recent studies support that the process followed to create the process model may have an impact on the process model.

This thesis analyses the process of model creation, in particular the Process of Process Modeling (PPM). In this context, the first objective is to investigate the formalization of process models under the consideration of change primitives and change patterns. Since existing studies have focused on PPM and change primitives, the second objective aims at addressing this gap. In particular, it examines the challenges arising from change patterns utilization during model creation.

For addressing the research objectives, modelers completed two tasks by means of change primitives and change patterns. The modeler’s interactions with the modeling environment were captured with a specialized modeling environment, named Cheetah Experimental Platform (CEP). Moreover, the modeler’s thinking process was recorded, according to the Think aloud Method. The obtained information is first analyzed based on a quantitative approach, using a predefined coding schema. Grounded theory is applied as a qualitative research approach, in order to identify and categorize reoccurring challenges resulting from change patters utilization.

Summarizing, this exploratory study proposes think aloud method as a mean for comparing change patterns and change primitives when analyzing PPM. Further, raises awareness regarding challenges resulting from change patterns, impacting the process model quality.


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